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Paddling Buddies

SO you desire to go out Paddling and it's not a day where the Club has a trip planned.

You don't want to go alone so what do you do?
Or maybe it requires a shuttle to be fun?
Who do you call?

Try a Paddling Buddy. Someone or several may have the day off and nothing planned and would welcome a paddle.

And if you desire you can get your name placed here too!!! Send note to with pertinent info if you want your name added.

Paddling Buddies

Gary Stocker 352-726-1590

Sandie Ballard 352-304-8315

Phyllis Clark 352-362-4256

Those wishing to be in our websites "Paddling Buddies" list for 2018 contact Sandie Ballard 352-304-8315 or e-mail