Marion County Aquaholics Paddlers Group, Inc.



Paddle Often, Paddle Safely  

    Our members have asked that when you send me your write-up for the paddle that you tc please when possible include as many of the following items as you know. 
    :Is there a parking or launch fee if so how much or about how much.
    :Are there toilets at the launch or take-out or do they need to seek facilities before arriving at the launch area.
    :Please rate your paddle as Hard  - Medium - or Easy
    :Is the paddle downstream  -  upstream - both.  
    :Is there a shuttle.
    :Some members would like the option of going out to eat after a paddle.  This is always optional and the tc is not obligated to choose the place and does not have to participate.  Just mention the option so members may plan to bring money to pay for the meal.  Members who wish to eat can decide where, on or after the paddle.

   Saturday April 21st Juniper Springs

Meet at 10 AM this SATURDAY to paddle JUNIPER SPRINGS, Ocala National Forest on Rt. 40 to launch sometime between 10:30 and 11am after staging our boats and doing the shuttle.  No disposable containers are permitted on the river.  A medium level paddle with lots of maneuvering (not for beginners).   Bathrooms are at both ends.  PARK FEE required.  Bring food for a late lunch for the picnic area afterward if you wish.  

TC:  Gary Stocker  or  352-726-1590

      Caladesi Island has been cancelled
April 20-21 Caladesi Island and optional over night stay
Saturday April 21st.  Cancelled so No Paddle

Saturday April 28th:  Rays Wayside to Gores Landing.  Tc  Amy Hyslop 352-233-6445.   Parking fee $5.00.  Cash must be placed in envelope so you need exact amount.  

Saturday May 5th:  Juniper.  Tc Terry Sechler 503-510-8045.  9 am launch.  $5.00 parking fee.  If you have a federal pass it will be 1/2 price.

Saturday May 12th:  Crystal River- Hunter Springs Park.  Tc JJ Hansen 352-533-0077.  There is a $5.00 parking fee.  NO CASH.  You need to put your charge card into the machine for your payment.  There is no shuttle for this paddle.  It is an up and back paddle.  We will try to get to 3 sisters but not sure if we can get up there.  The water can be a bit choppy.  If you plan to attend call JJ and let him know.  If he needs to call off the paddle for any reason he will call you to let you know.

Wednesday May 16:  Monthly Meeting.  Our meeting is the third Wednesday evening at 7 pm at the Police sub-station on 441 and 80th St. Ocala.

Saturday May 19th: Rainbow River Clean-up.  Tc Maryann Ermatinger. 727-434-9012.   We will park free of charge at KP hole.  We will paddle down to Rio Vista cleaning the river.  Bags will be provided.  Then paddle back up to KP hole.  We will be fed hotdogs and chips.  We need a head count for how many people will be eating hotdogs by May 11th .  You will still be welcome to paddle and clean the river after the 11th but you will not have a hotdog.  So if you wish to eat call Mary Ann before May 11th.

Saturday May 26th no paddle